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New York Times VP Debate Interactive

Oct 05 2008 Published by Ryan under Neat Things

I love this thing.

I watched bits and pieces of the VP debate on Thursday night, but had a bit cute overload watching Palin, and donchaknowit – I had to turn it off.

So friday I looked around the interwebs for a good thorough recap of the debate and found the New York Times interactive video of the debate. I watched the whole thing over the course of Friday, and that night showed my brother the highlights. It was so easy to pick out the best parts: Palin’s shout outs and winks, and Biden on McCain the maverick and his family.

New York Times vice-presidental debate interactive

New York Times debate interactive screenie

It would be great to see more video presented this way – especially talking-head video. Better yet nytimes should linkify the transcripts of the debate, allowing people to go in depth and find out what the candidates are talking about.


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