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django + facebook connect

Apr 02 2009 Published by Ryan under Uncategorized

While working on News Mixer and another django project, I’ve refactored all the facebook connect code Brian Boyer and I wrote into a separate application. I’ve opened a google code page for it. I figured if it’s useful to me, it would be useful to others.

It’s a simple thing really. It uses the built in django auth stuff and pyfacebook, and works with django-registration. News Mixer was designed so you had to use facebook and only facebook to log in. The django-facebookconnect application can work side-by-side with regular django user accounts, and it gives new facebook users the option to link their django and facebook accounts.

While building News Mixer, we had a lot of problems getting facebook connect to play nice. Timeouts, expired sessions and connection resets would quickly kill our application. On the face of it, the app doesn’t really do a whole lot, but under the hood it deals with a ton of BS problems that you run into using the facebook API extensively.

Take it, use it, let me know how it goes.

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